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23 Dec 2015 | By Sohini Mitter
| By Komal Dalal and Tyson Rodrigues
Facebook is trying to improve the user experience on Groups, in anticipation of bigger adoption of closed networks in the days to come. Here are the things you need to know as a brand and whether it is time to jump in...
| By Sandip Maiti
Experience Commerce's latest article in the Livemint where we navigate the online media in the era..
| By Tyson Rodrigues
This month our planning team is tracking the development at Facebook Gameroom. Read on our observations on the casual gaming environment that has recently got a makeover on Facebook...
| By Sandip Maiti
We are entering the era of digital business in the next decade and we have to address four (4) key areas relevant to the customer-facing functions...
| By Sandip Maiti
The challenge to grab human attention continues to remain as much a battle for publishers as it is for brands. But one party might just have a slight advantage over the other...
| By Sandip Maiti
Two decades since the first display banner ad, digital advertising is a whole wide (and rather complex) world now...
23 Dec 2015 | By Sohini Mitter
EC techies launch ECosphere mobile app and reveal a beacon-based workplace traffic management system. And the team plays an app-based treasure hunt too. ..
23 Dec 2015 | By Sohini Mitter
The Stars Wars mania has hit EC and we have our own little film. Check out. ..
23 Dec 2015 | By Sohini Mitter

We asked our team what #tEChyon2015 meant to them. Here's how they perceived it...
23 Dec 2015 | By Sohini Mitter
What prompted #tEChyon2015? Hear the bosses speak. ..
23 Dec 2015 | By Surbhi Mittal
We observe. We listen. We unite. We achieve. ..
22 Dec 2014 | By Tania Dey
21 Jun 2014 | By Tania Dey
Because, like everything - it needs introspection..
19 Aug 2014 | By Juilee Bhansali
Brands today rely deeply on story-telling as a means to grab eyeballs, but very few succeed in listening to their customers. The power of listening is often overlooked, but with the right tools, can give valuable insights...
15 Jun 2014 | By Sandip Maiti
Communities cluster around an idea or a shared belief. The seed idea or belief in a brand community is rooted in the values espoused by the brand...
17 Jun 2014 | By Sandip Maiti
Maximize Awareness or pay a Premium for Engagement? Invest in Assets or Expend on Content? Build Loyalty or Nurture Advocacy?..
7 Nov 2013 | By Juilee Bhansali
So you decided to cheat on your diet today and a perfect burger comes to your mind. You go online and check out the nearest burger joint that could deliver your plate of happiness to you. What do you base your decision on? ..
19 Aug 2014 | By Juilee Bhansali
Escalating consumer demand is forcing brands to build up superior customer experiences. As retail transactions are no longer limited to in-store sales or desktop e-commerce, brands have to focus on integrated shopping experiences..