• The agency

    no one

    told you about.

    So why do power brands Lenovo, MRF, Fortune Foods, Castrol, Ambuja and their likes trust us to drive digital business?

    There must be a reason.

    Think of everything an agency is. Think of everything an agency is not. We're bang in the middle of the two. Our competencies fuel our culture, and our culture makes us all the more competent at what we do-

    Transforming businesses for a new age digital approach.

    Let's have a little look.

  • experience commerce - digital agency

    Digital Ethnography & Goofing Off.

    Digital media research low on intrusion and unbiased by observer presence is our thing. Using virtual toolkits and deep listening technology, we uncover compelling insights to open up fresh opportunities for brands seeking to connect with consumers.

    We don't know how googling 'memes of animals making puns' helps the team in this process, but as long as they get things done, it's irrelephant.

  • experience commerce - digital agency

    Material Design & Sleeping Bags

    Brought about by Google, the Material Design process gives us the chops to design better products and add a layer of "intelligence" for the ultimate interactive experience. Rooted in our desire for problem solving, it’s an always-on process at our agency.

    The sleeping bags come in handy for the always-on process. Why go home when you’re coming back the next day anyway, right?

  • experience commerce - digital agency

    Programmable Media & Divine Intervention

    Programmable thinking, NOT programmatic, is what floats our media strategy boat. We use a proprietary audience profiling technology, to create our own algorithms while designing 'effective' media strategies (true story).

    Although on occasion, the guy who runs media claims it's all by the grace of the good lord above. Modesty, it seems, is still a virtue.

  • experience commerce - digital agency

    Design Thinking & Cupcakes

    Always egged on by the design of everyday things, we’re human-centered in our approach to building digital products. Observe, ideate, prototype & test- our iterative process. It begins with identifying the real needs and behavior patterns of the consumer and ends with delivering delight.

    To be honest, the real credit for our iterative process goes to cupcakes. We shudder to even think of what would happen to the team without it.

  • experience commerce - digital agency

    Data Sciences & Chitter-chatter

    We're pretty good at wiring up digital assets, content, media and experiences to generate flow of volumes of Structured and Unstructured Data in real time. Our approach is to look for weak signals that are signs of compelling events to follow.

    The team always makes it a point to have a conversation with you about basically everything under the sun. Not too sure if they're being nice or it’s a veiled attempt at gathering more data.

  • experience commerce - digital agency

    Agile Computing & Food.

    At the daily scrum, we put SIMPLICITY at the heart of all our agile decisions. Our mission is to always deliver working software at the lowest possible time, while putting a premium for innovation and usability testing.

    Food plays an important role in this. Some people eat to live. Some live to eat. The technology team though isn’t really bothered with the difference.

    Great talk. But how do we apply all this to our work?