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Job Description for Senior Brands Strategist

  • Experience Required: 3-4 Years
  • Job Location: Mumbai
Role & Responsibilities:

This role requires one to have a comprehensive understanding of clients’ business & communication objectives & then subsequently design digital solutions (communication & product level) supported by data and analytical understanding. The position also requires going out & presenting the same solutions to clients aided with creative, tech business, and planners in your team. The work will entail both pitches & planning for the internal existing brands.

Who are you?

You want to know why people do what people do. You are curious about why a certain society follows specific beliefs & how certain culture affects a community’s behavior. You are mostly in prospecting mode. You have a keen eye to spot trends and cumulate data points to tell brand stories. You want to filter & use all these understanding to figure how you can understand the consumer better & create a comprehensive strategy & plan for the client’s business. You feel there is a new innovation on the cards as there is a consumer need which is unfulfilled. You know what will move your client’s business & you want to propose a solution which helps in solving the same.

Our Expectations
What skills & talent do we want you to have?
  • Curious & Agile – Constantly evaluate broad cultural trends, new directions within industry verticals, and shifts in consumer demand, understand different levels of the target audience (Demographic, Psychographic, etc.) & segmentation method; and then to apply that learning to counsel and predict what’s best for their client’s businesses.
  • Trend Spotter – Design primary research to bring perspectives of the consumer. Analyze and synthesize available research data and published reports to unearth consumer trends & insights & provide strategic implications & creative inspiration.
  • Connect the dots – Ability to synthesis the learnings from across sources, streams to drive clarity, insights and actions.
  • Collaborative – Partner with the creative & technology team to craft the creative interventions & then subsequently lay down the strategic framework to be presented to clients
  • Creative problem solving – Create a strategic presentation/docs for briefing the creative & technology team, share a recommendation with clients.
  • Data-driven: Analyze Digital metrics, set KPIs to measure campaign effectiveness & insightful quarterly/annual business reviews for clients.
  • Proficient: Has a basic understanding of social media analytics, website analytics (Google Analytics), and other digital metrics to suggest a way forward based on data.
  • Proactive: Understands the evolving digital media landscape, its working principles, Media Behaviour Insights to give strategic inputs to address brand and marketing challenges.
  • Communications skills: Build a collaborative relationship with clients and internal teams to ensure brand strategic alignment.
  • Work experience of 3 -4 years would be apt, preferably in FMCG and Finance category. Well, if you have a little less experience prove that you are fit for the job & we will consider that.
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