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Digital Asset and Consumer profiling

We own and operate, a strong base of assets centering the brand’s - passion points (racing), biker community, corporate audience & recently even created a comprehensive e-commerce solution to provide a service experience that allows users to conveniently buy, replace and service tyres in 6 easy steps.

To leverage MRF’s strong asset base, we have wired them up & used our proprietary Consumer Gene Pool (CGP) technology to tap into the signals, that unique users are leaving behind in these assets. Using big data analytics, we are now creating dynamic user profiles basis their behavioral footprint so that the brand can have intelligent interventions in the user journey which benefits the brand’s cause & ups the user experience as well.

Store Front Experiences

To realize MRF’s vision of providing the best tyre purchasing experience to their customer, we devised a two pronged approach covering the entire customer journey; from booking to realization of service. First, we created a comprehensive e-commerce platform that allows users to conveniently buy, replace and service tyres in 6 easy steps from a device of their choice. The platform enabled MRF to extend its unique service experience to a wider audience and go beyond simply selling tyres.

Secondly, to make the T&S brand experience a memorable one we designed a Tab app to provide their customers with a personalized and engaging experience while they are in-store to get the tyre service they booked. Customers can login on the tablet, browse through MRF branded content, explore MRF’s range of services. review, rate and give feedback once the services are completed and set reminders for subsequent service sessions.

Branded content

We have designed extensive content strategies for product launch campaigns (masseter), topical tent-pole campaigns (rainday), event sponsorship campaigns (ICC T20 WC), e-commerce website & social all of which were produced on the Hero-Hub-Hygiene content framework. While creating the same, we have explored multiple formats ranging from branded video content to branded sharable in app cards to banners & newer social formats.

This has deepened our learning curve on the content affinity with a diverse set of MRF audience. Plugging in our proprietary tool, CGP, has further strengthened those learnings, giving us the ability to deliver precise content types that will best engage our audience.

Advertising Media

We have carried out multiple media campaigns with fundamentally different media strategies basis their business objectives & audience behavior. We have done buzz campaigns (NV Mix, Masseter) for product launches, consumer engagement campaigns for topical communication (Ride the thrill, Rainday) & performance media for T&S

We have used media tools and planners that allow real time optimization of media and leverage our analytic capabilities to understand business signals & consumer profiling technology for better targeting, all connecting at the end to deliver business results. Our media approach & usage has spurred MRF’s online presence into a remarkably matured and active brand in the digital space.


Behavioral signals left by the consumer in the form of Data footprint on our T&S store & other assets are analyzed by cutting & slicing the unstructured data to understand signals which aid in sharper communication & media approaches in real time. At a broader level, these signals help shape bigger shifts and approaches in strategies (for eg; What all to consider before we rolled out the 2nd phase of e,com in other cities).

These data footprints are mapped on a single view dashboard which gives us an essence of the overall demand signals, that brand MRF should be cognizant of while taking their digital business decisions.