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Abar Pet Pujo

Abar Pet Pujo

How we co-created a music video around Durga Pujo to make fortune's Kacchi Ghani oil relevant in the Bengali homemaker's kitchen

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Fortune wanted to increase its brand love among the Bengali audience by establishing a strong association with their culture and traditions. It aimed to leverage the context of Durga Pujo to achieve the same & maintain its Kacchi Ghani Mustard oil salient in the Bengali Kitchen.

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To bring out the significance of a Bengali homemaker’s kitchen during Durga Pujo.


The Bengali community has a special bond with food, and Durga Pujo is the time of the year when that bond is celebrated to the fullest. It is also the time when homemakers express their joy and love for their families by preparing and feeding them a variety of delicious delicacies.


We reinterpreted the story of Durga’s victory over Mahishasura and brought it to the Bengali kitchen.

The idea was to showcase a homemaker, on a mission to sate her husband’s hunger with the choicest Bengali dishes that can only be accentuated with Mustard Oil- Fortune Kachchi Ghani.come out and embrace theirs as well.

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In order to create impact during a time when a number of brands & creators create hyper local content, Fortune wanted to stand out by co-creating with someone who would lend their unique perspective to the idea.

We discovered Sawan Dutta, a popular YouTube vlogger who, over the years, has built a repertoire & niche for herself with a distinctive style of presenting food recipes through music.

The music video narrated the story of a Bengali household during Pujo. However, it came with a twist. The video personified the wife as Devi Durga and husband as Asura who challenged his wife to satiate his hunger monster.

Composed and performed by her, the soundtrack told the story of how her husband, a quintessential Bengali male, has an opinion about everything on food. He playfully challenges her about her dish choices, while flaunting his unbeatable hunger.

Much to his surprise, the power of her ten hands and Fortune Kitchen aided her in preparing numerous mouth-watering dishes, abating his insatiable hunger and finally winning this food battle.

This narrative struck a chord with our audience because of the cultural relevance of the content coupled with Sawan’s unique style of executing the same.


On Facebook the video had a reach of 4.7 million, gaining 2.8 million views in a period of 7 days, that too within a very focused audience set.

The audience connect with the content was evident from the 15K shares it got, making the video go viral in the network. It also got close to 1K comments, with various threads discussing numerous topics around the content of the video.

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