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A non-monetary loyalty program for Ambuja's key influencers--Contractors.

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Client: ambuja
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As a key provider & player in the cement manufacturing industry, Ambuja’s Technical Service Engineering (TSE) team had the onus of building relationships with its influencers (read: contractors) with the objective of generating new leads, influencing home builders, and monitoring and tracking progress of various projects undertaken by them.


To build a digital platform for the TSEs that helped them create deeper relationships with the key stakeholders (channel partners) and generate leads in the process.


The nature of communication with each stakeholder needed to be carried out with different objectives in mind. Therefore, the challenge was to create a digital platform that would let TSEs & stakeholders seamlessly collaborate and manage access-based control at different levels of communication.


The two key tasks of the app were to act as currency to influence the stakeholders & impact information flow in the channel. With the TSEs at the heart of the digital ecosystem, we envisioned a platform that could provide one point connect to all the influencers. The TSEs were further empowered by slotting the stakeholders in distinct apps to keep the ecosystem active which resulted in a transformation in information flow across the supply channel ecosystem. The first phase was focused mostly on the contractors, during which we created apps such as Gyaansagar, Gruharachna & Estimator that empowered contractors to close deals with end consumers. Finally the Darpan app gave them social currency to strengthen their own portfolio.



The information flow across Ambuja channels changed from being just top-down to bottom-up as well. It influenced stakeholders as data was available real time & by nature, measurable. The intelligence developed through the app made conversations with each stakeholder more result-oriented.



Contractors Onboarded (Active Users)


4,50,000 +

Sites (Leads) added, managed and farmed through the platform



Conversion Ratio (Ambuja Sites)



Metric Tons of Cement Sale influenced