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How we helped MTR create a platform that became the go-to destination for authentic Indian cooking recipes

  • Social Content
  • Community Platforms
  • Advocacy

MTR, a brand known for their expertise across regional cuisines, wanted to differentiate themselves from competition by providing consumers with authentic cooking content. Considering their legacy & heritage, MTR believed that they were innately capable of providing audiences with the most credible and authentic ways of preparing delicacies.


We had to build a strong association between MTR & authentic ways of preparing traditional cuisines.


Digital platforms weren’t as wide spread and that posed a challenge to reach out to our TG seamlessly.


Consumers like it when sources help them with authentic & credible information about a subject, a need that reflects the most in the F&B category. Thus, Dishcovery was born.

We aimed at building a one-stop-shop for homemade, authentic Indian recipes. It regularly served the TG with kitchen tips & access to regional recipes. In order to create visibility amongst the TG, relevant content such as kitchen hacks, food trivia, snackable recipes, etc. were pushed out on social media platforms.


The initiative appealed to the consumers and earned followers & subscribers who then shared it further with their individual social circles, helping MTR establish itself as the home to authentic content.