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Girls With Goals

Client: Lenovo

Football their game. Education their goal. This is how Lenovo helped raise funds for the brave YUWA girls' school.

Background and Objective

2016. The fledgling YUWA football team was invited to compete at the Donosti Cup in Spain.  The girls were perfect role models of Lenovo’s #FailForward brand attitude, and we were tasked to demonstrate this attitude through their story.

The Challenge

The brief was to come up with a participative campaign throughout the girls’ two-week journey. The girls could not be portrayed as charity cases but as who they are in real life- fearless and bold no matter what the odds facing them. 

The Idea



A real-time, unscripted documentary showcasing the YUWA girls’ journey all the way from Hutup to Spain, where the audience could script the ending by helping raise funds for a new YUWA school building at their village in Hutup, Jharkhand. 


Brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor played the role of storyteller, with all of his scenes unscripted. Leveraging Ranbir’s football and movie connect, we started by "leaking" a trailer.

At the opportune moment, we released the first episode of the documentary through our social channels and Ranbir's fan clubs.

Episode 2 saw the girls preparing for the tournament and also tasting their first defeat.

The games came thick and fast, and the girls' spirit was tested as much as their skills in Episode 3.

The girls lost the cup, but won a million hearts. Episode 4 celebrated the undying YUWA spirit.

Seeing the overwhelming response, we used this engaged audience as evangelizers to spread the message for a dream school further with the ‘Kick For A Brick’ challenge.

The Fundraiser

A fundraising page was set up on Ketto that encouraged people to contribute to the YUWA school. The Girls with Goals web asset housed all the videos and served as a hub for daily updates on the YUWA girls' journey.