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Lafarge Holcim

lafarge holcim

How we built a scalable product on the global level which, through loyalty programs, helped build and sustain relationships with retailers.

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Client: lafarge holcim
Category: Digital Business

Lafarge Holcim aimed to set up an accelerator hub to build and deploy strategic IT projects in different countries. This led to the birth of LeadRetail, a channel program initiative to gain market visibility and deliver loyalty programs to retailers across the globe. Navendor, a globally scalable product addresses this need by generating demand signals through loyalty programs while building & nurturing a long-term relationship with the retailers.


To set up an accelerator incentivized mechanism that generates market demand and strengthens relationship with the retailers.

The Challenge

Since most of the retailers of the industry in question are traditional in nature, it is vital for the proposed interface to be user friendly and simplistic while also generating cognizable value through the proposition to ensure sustainable adoption rates.

Lafarge Holcim
Lafarge Holcim

During market research, we found that retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to generate new leads. Also, most of the material is sold on credit & they find it cumbersome to keep track for collection. Going forward, we decided to address these 2 key pain points in our proposed solution- an amalgamation of Lead, Ledger and Loyalty Program Management modules & decided to pilot in select markets to generate feedback & improve product offerings.

Lafarge Holcim

The proposed solution was piloted in India, Ivory Coast, Kenya & Morocco. It helped generate feedback and improve product offerings. We got more than 2100 retailers onboard from across the globe which helped the brand get a better understanding of the market & retailer behaviour thereby fostering business directions.