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MRF Tyres and Services

MRF Tyres and Services

How a digital solution simplified the tyre buying experience while it provided a premium in-store experience to MRF's customers.

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Client: MRF Tyres and Services
Category: MRF Tyres and Services

MRF wanted to lift their brand imagery by building a seamless tyre buying experience for MRF Tyres and Services.


To make the entire tyre buying journey on MRF Tyres and Services more customer-centric in order to delight customers visiting MRF Tyres and Services.

MRF Tires and Services
The Challenge

We had to build a business process that provides a smooth transition between online & offline experience, in order to deliver a seamless tyre buying experience to the customer.

MRF Tires and Services

We discovered that the customers find it tedious to avail the existing tyre services due to their busy schedules. The goal was to build and deploy a digital asset that allows consumers to buy tyres and book service appointments online in a convenient & seamless manner. This enabled the customers to visit the store as per their convenience and get the tyres changed while also indulging in some engaging in-store experience. The activation thus resulted in a considerable drop in the waiting time of the customers while also helping them easily avail services like an all-inclusive annual maintenance contract to address the year-long tyre needs of the vehicle.

The initiative was also to empower the dealers with a CRM tool for retention and to increase the ticket size through service reminders along with empowering them with better in-store digital assets.

MRF Tires and Services

We deployed this in 11 Cities across the country. We sold 6500+ SKU units sold over a period of 6 months.