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MTR Dishcovery

Client: MTR

Discover how we made MTR a synonym of the word authentic.

Background & Objective

As one of the leading food brands in India, MTR wanted to stand out from the competition and be recognized as a name synonymous with authentic Indian cooking.


Any source that regularly gives fresh and credible information about a particular subject becomes the go-to destination for the audience. This holds true in the food category more than any other.

The Solution

We conceptualized an online community that, on a periodic basis, provides authentic Indian cooking recipes, titled ‘Dishcovery’.


The Dishcovery platform was created in such a manner that visitors would be able to find kitchen tips & access various authentic and regional recipes. To create visibility amongst the TG, low-brow content targeting stumblers was posted on social media such as kitchen hacks, food trivia, and other snack-able recipe content. The posts led back to Dishcovery, where seekers could access a large repertoire of food and cooking content such as authentic regional recipes, infographics about the history of certain cuisines, ‘Get it Right’ kitchen tips etc.


On social, the Dishcovery Facebook page had acquired 48,129 Facebook Fans, and nearly 8 thousand individuals subscribed to the Dishcovery emailers. The fresh content aided in increasing the number of organic searches that resulted in 2 lakh+ visits on site. Furthermore, the site received over 1.52 million visits.