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The Pet Pujo Song - Fortune Foods

The Pet Pujo Song - Fortune Foods

How a piece of vernacular branded content from Fortune Foods went viral in local communities of West Bengal and spread across the world.

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Fortune Foods wanted to connect with communities in Bengal to mark the arrival of their most important festive season – the Durga Puja. The festivities are usually marked with huge social gatherings at Puja Pandals and family reunions at home, leading to a spike in food consumption.


To tell a relatable story to the Bengalis and weave in three brands (led by Kachchi Ghani) in the story.


While Navratri/Durga Pujo was all about clichéd nostalgia or renaissance, it was essential to abandon the same and stand out.

The Idea | The Pet Pujo Song

Food is not just the part of the celebration. It is the celebration. We drove home this message by collaborating with a popular YouTube vlogger, Sawan Dutta. The story was about how her love for food creates a tension with other rituals.


The video amplification strategy was based on touching the database of 6 lakh Bengalis on WhatsApp to seed and flame the video in peer-to-peer networks. This was followed by promoting the film on social channels by not just using the brand page, but also cross leverage the reach and authenticity of the influencer's page.


The vernacular treatment & relevant content led to widespread reactions and comments on Facebook & YouTube posts. Further, Fortune conversing in a vernacular language led to more people joining in the conversation. 80% of the conversations around love for the product & brand were in Bengali.

To measure the impact of the campaign, we conducted a Post Campaign Dipstick Study on Facebook retargeting audience (sample size of 118). Repeated exposure through multiple platform resulted in high brand recall.