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Ranbir Hits A6

Client: Lenovo

When a celebrity endorsement doesn't feel like a celebrity endorsement.


We were tasked to create a brand campaign that would: 


(a) Establish Lenovo A6000 as the smarter alternative in the sub-10K category 

(b) Create conversations around the power features of this unbelievably priced phone and 

(c) Build up huge anticipation that would lead to depletion of entire stock via a flash sales model.

The Challenge

Lenovo India positioned A6000 as a power player in the sub-10K smartphones category; the goal was to earn our place as the leader, specifically in this category, outsmarting established competitors such as global rival Xiaomi.

The Idea

With access to brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor for a day the big idea was to create huge buzz by launching Ranbir simultaneously on 6 social platforms using A-6000 as the de-facto device of communication.


The 'X' factor of the idea was that Ranbir Kapoor did not even have a presence on social. We plotted to persuade Ranbir to ‘play ball’ with Lenovo A-6000 on social media:6 crazy hours with A-6000 during which we wanted to hit the ball right out of the park. Thus was born the big idea #RanbirhitsA6.



With the premise of a commercial shoot, Ranbir Kapoor was portrayed to be shooting for the launch TVC of the Lenovo A6000. While the supposed shoot, Ranbir interacted with a massive number of his fans on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and even Snapchat, all at a very personal level.


#RanbirHitsA6 managed to trend not just in India, but also across the world. In addition, every content piece had the Lenovo A6000 glued on it, ensuring there was an immediate connection with the product. 

The Results

The entire social media fraternity went wild with his blockbuster appearance. Fans completely let loose their thoughts and feelings for their most desired Bollywood Superstar. News articles of his appearance were sprawling all over the internet. Each tweet and post got close to 300+ Likes and Retweets. All in all, ensuring Ranbir truly broke the internet, while Lenovo successfully broke the Smartphone Market.