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RanbirHitsA6 - Lenovo

#ReadyForDual (How we helped Lenovo generate conversations among their core gaming audience around the launch of the new Legion series)

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Gaming laptops, while known for heavy duty performance, are also associated with their edgy and aggressive design & build. Lenovo intended to break away from this stereotype with their new series of sophisticated and elegant designed gaming laptops- Legion Y730 and Y530; Stylish on the outside, Savage on the inside.

Since they had a distinct product proposition, Lenovo wanted to explore a target audience which was outside the core gaming community, a large cohort which is generally ignored by mainstream gaming brands.


Create conversation around a new breed of gaming laptops made for a new creed of gamers.


This large clan of gamers don’t necessarily fit the cliché ‘gamer imagery’ and thus don’t get appealed by the usual marketing efforts of brands. We wanted to leverage this opportunity and create content that resonates with this specific segment, tapping into a market that other brands hadn't before.


These gamers lead dual lives which are mutually exclusive; One known only to their colleagues and the other known only to gamers.


The idea was to acknowledge and celebrate the dual lives of these non- stereotypical gamers and in turn inspire other closeted gamers to come out and embrace theirs as well.



We got three gamers, Shagufta, Chirag and Rishabh to confess their duality on Lenovo’s Instagram page. This immediately struck a chord with our audience,

triggering them to share their personal duality stories with us. Coders, doctors, badminton players and even sailors, hundreds of clandestine gamers, came out and revealed their diverse professions and talked about how they manage to game even amidst their hectic lives.

We made sure to respond to each & every duality story, exactly as their gamer buddy would rather than in the tone of brand Lenovo. The audience resonated with our replies, sparking newer and deeper conversations around their passion for gaming.


The anticipation built, culminated on the day of the launch with a real-time coverage of the event on various social media platforms. Tweets, insta stories and even a facebook live, we did it all, giving our audience a window into the Launch.


In the short 3 day period prior to the launch, the posts on instagram garnered over 1.6 million impressions and had a reach of over 1.2 million. We also had a deep engagement with Dual gamers, creating almost 250 conversations around their duality stories.

The campaign gave the audience a voice & a platform, a chance to be part of the larger gaming community which was missing till then. On the day of the launch, the insta stories were cumulatively seen by of over 65 thousand people and got 528 likes and DMs, where our fans expressed their love and excitement for the new Legion laptops.

The audience enthusiasm about the new line validated the brands decision to break away from stereotypical gaming machines. But more importantly, proved that the thrill of gaming goes beyond gaming dens to boardrooms, cruise ships and everywhere else.