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Ricefully Yours

Client: Fortune Foods

How Fortune Foods staked its claim in the rice category, one grain at a time.

Background & Objective

In a low involvement, price driven category, Fortune wanted to build brand salience and induce trials for its Basmati rice variants. The objective was to become the first brand to spread awareness about basmati rice variants, henceforth carving out customers for multiple varieties of fortune basmati rice. 


Specific rice variants when paired correctly with their specific dishes can accentuate the overall taste and experience.




Ricefully Yours was designed to introduce the concept of pairing rice variants with one's signature dish & thus keep the consumer at the heart of the campaign.


We brought on a Celebrity Chef to monitor the rice pairing game. Women instantly liked it as it involved the Fortune Basmati express visiting their homes to help with the pairing. They were required to create their signature dish & share it on our website to invite the Basmati Express over. The website served as a hub for the rice pairing game. Every day, recipe hacks, plating tips and more went out as content pieces on social, driving traffic to the website. Twitter activities curated by food bloggers established Fortune Basmati as a category expert.

The Results

Ricefully Yours excited cooking enthusiasts for over 2 months as a forum to exhibit culinary skills, and learn pairing nuances. The audience even replicated our dishes and shared pictures. The website garnered 370K visits, and 6k+ invited the Fortune Basmati Express to their homes. We received over 6,000 entries from which 68 were featured as the Dish of the Day. 

Facebook engaged 650K+, while Twitter earned 1.9 million impressions, (engagement rate of 3.6%). YouTube views for the videos were 1 million+.