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Ride Along with MRF

Client: MRF

It's hard to support India when you're on the road, but for bikers it's equally hard to stay off the road too. What does one do in such a situation? Hint: You just 'Ride Along with MRF'.


To engage with bikers and cricket fans in a dynamic way during the World Cup 2015, MRF wanted to create a unique mobile app that let users cheer for team India wherever they were. 

The Virtual Stadium

On the app, users could carry out a variety of actions to cheer for their team and get notifications regarding upcoming Team India matches and trivia sent to them. 

Tools to Cheer

The app was interactive to the extent that people could perform various actions like 'Clap' or 'Pray' as the match progressed. 

Innovative, Fun Content

We made interactive banners to get people to download the App on to their phones and created stickers that people could use in their social interactions. 

Match Day Mix

To further urge people to download and use the app, we engaged with them heavily on social media. Using regular social updates as well as mini contests, we urged people to start conversations online.

The LIVE Quotient

Vibrant and colourful sketch characters were created as part of the content to add to the humorous appeal of the content.

The Promotion

At different points of the game, we sent users 'Cards' containing interesting trivia, funny captions or other information coupled with beautiful imagery presented in an entertaining way. 

The Social Push

Users were always being updated in real-time with score updates, cards and actions as the match progressed to ensure maximum engagement from the users.