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A digital platform that was SO FULL OF GOODNESS

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Soulfull was a newly launched brand in the cereals category that was directly competing with giants like Kellogg’s & Baggery’s. Soulfull’s Chocofills made with Ragi, a cereal made especially for kids, was slotted to be the hero product to launch the brand on digital. When it came to kids, the brand believed that breakfast, apart from being an important time for a wholesome meal, is also the best time for inculcating the right values in them.


We had to differentiate Soulfull from the competition by revamping the existing website & harmonize content across platforms, keeping in mind the core consumers.


Soulfull had a dichotomous set of values & promises; it believed in ‘going back to the roots’ while promising to deliver to the needs of today’s generation. Striking the right balance was the biggest challenge as the brand story would comes across as dull if not communicated the right way.

Soulfull Foods

The main communication to relaunch the brand across all platforms was #SoFullOfGoodness to drive home the value proposition. Superheroes appeal strongly to kids & vibrant colored comic books create a playful environment. This personified the thought of ‘So Full of Goodness’ which dictated the warm & clever copy. The tone of voice had to endear the brand to mothers. Hence, it was set to be friendly, clever and light hearted, radically different from competing brands.


The rich, evocative visuals complemented the home page story that engaged mothers and led them to empathize better with their kids. With a consistent voice across their social platforms, website and e-commerce, Soulfull was able to create a unique brand imagery amongst mothers and managed to successfully differentiate from competition.