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ChatGPT – the death knell for copywriters?

I know, I know – you must be thinking here’s yet another article on the obvious – the impending doom. Isn’t it? ChatGPT seems to be a villain that’s ready to destroy jobs in all possible fields. After all, why get a human to do a job when an Artificial Intelligence(AI) engine can do it for free in absolutely no time!

Take this article for example. If I just typed in ‘Pretend to be a Creative Head of a Digital Advertising Agency and write about the threat of Generative AI like ChatGPT on copywriting’, I would get this article in seconds and wouldn’t have to spend a holiday doing this. But then would it be the same? Would it be able to truly represent me as a person? My thoughts, my views, my personality – things that make me unique. AI commoditizes everything. Individuality disappears. Tomorrow, if I have enough articles online, maybe someone could type in ‘Pretend to be Virindersingh Villkhoo, and write an article’ and get something very interesting as a result. But would it truly be able to do justice to me? Not really. It might just be a shadow of me or what I was, based on data that is available to ChatGPT. Because ChatGPT’s results are only as good as the data fed to it.

Now, the question isn’t whether it could replace me. The question is can a Generative AI like ChatGPT make copywriters obsolete in the world of advertising. And the answer is Yes and No.

The article is attributed to ET Brand Equity and the entire article can be read here.