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Instilling Accountability at the Workplace

Accountability at the workplace refers to employees taking complete ownership for their work, being self-driven, and accepting both the successes and the failures that come along the way towards reaching their goals. This is different from Responsibility, which is often construed to be handed over or given rather than accepted by self or taken. It is usually referred to just an obligation to complete the assigned tasks at hand. An accountable workforce, which is self-driven & owns the highs & lows is akin to a powerhouse. This undoubtably results in a high-performing organization throbbing with innovation, collaboration, and high business results.

If the organization does not already have a culture of accountability, instilling one, should make it to the top of the priority list of the leadership. Author Pete Lowe quotes “Real accountability happens in the context of a culture that supports trust and genuine teamwork. Genuine accountability comes with a fresh honesty that acknowledges where things can improve and a humility that tempers action.”

A workforce which is accountable will be proactive, innovative, collaborative & work with a sense of unity. Accountability will be visible through smaller actions observable on a daily basis, such as being punctual, responsive & having honest conversations.

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