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Volume 6

EC Nickname

Papa at one time. I’m sure people on the floor will have many for me. line


Congrats on hitting the 10 year mark with EC! How does it feel to reach this milestone?

Time really flies. I can't believe it's been 10 years already. I feel incredibly fortunate and privileged to still be a part of EC. This is my first and only job where I have been in one place for so long.

Congrats on hitting the 10 year mark with EC!

Tell us a bit about your journey with EC-how did you start, and where are you today?

My journey with EC began when I was the Digital Marketing Manager for the Force India Formula 1 Team. My first task was to redesign the team's website, and EC was one of the agencies we considered. I clicked with the EC team, and the founder, Sandip Maiti, noticed my potential. Later, Sandip offered me a role at EC, and I was happy to accept. Having only worked client-side, agency life looked appealing. I joined EC with responsibilities in client servicing and project management. Over the past 10 years, I've grown from Manager to Vice President, gaining confidence and maturity along the way.


Have you seen any big changes at EC over the years? What's the biggest thing that's changed?

Change has been the only constant in EC. The biggest change will definitely be the acquisition of EC by Cheil and the transformation of the DNA from a family-run business to a professionally managed powerhouse that it is now.

What's the first thing you do when you walk into the office each day?

Check my inbox! I cannot stand unread and unanswered emails.

What's the last thing you do before heading out?

Make sure my task list is completed and updated. My day is done only after I have achieved everything I planned for. And check my inbox, AGAIN!

Unit The League

What's the one thing you absolutely love about being part of the EC crew?

The energy… the never-say-never attitude. The more impossible the task, the crazier it gets, but somehow gets delivered.

Andrew Office Bestie

Everyone knows Yatin is your office bestie, but you two bicker like Tom and Jerry. What's up with that?

That’s what besties do. We challenge each other so that we both can learn and grow from the experience. A status-quo would only lead to complacency.

After Yatin, who’s your next go-to person ?

Shrinath, Manoj, Rohit and Viru.

Can you share an inspirational story from your time at EC?

My duration at EC has seen many life-changing moments like the birth of my daughter, my dad’s demise, my broken arm… and the people from EC have always been there for me to comfort, support and strengthen me each time.

Inspirational Story
Funny or Mmbarrassing Moments

Got any funny or embarrassing moments ?

Once on a business trip, I accidentally invited a client for a meet-up at 2 am, mistaking her for an ex-colleague and friend.

Censored Pictures

Would you mind showing some censored pictures that capture the fun of life at EC?

As if… cameras were strictly banned and all footage scrubbed after viewing once – mission impossible style.

We know you love all your clients, but what's the toughest part of keeping them happy?

I don't love my clients - I love my job. It's my job to keep them happy, so I do whatever I have to. The toughest part is that nobody remembers anything good when there's an escalation or during renewals.

Love all your client

Your most memorable project so far?

The Ambuja Digital Brahmaand platform – our first digital transformation project!

Technical Service Expert

What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?

I was lyricist and lead vocalist of a college band and worked on the creative (marketing side) as copywriter / communications specialist till I joined EC.

What's one thing that drives you a little crazy about working here?

When people ignore my emails… it’s MURDER.

Think about the culture at EC

What do you think about the culture at EC?

The culture is our strongest point. I love the open-room atmosphere and the fact that everyone is approachable and all opinions are respected, irrespective of the designation.

If you could change one thing about EC,what would it be?

Lose the laziness and unprofessionalism associated with ‘Agency’ and become more process oriented and corporate-like.

Got any bright ideas for EC Management?

I am part of the management and happy that I already have a forum to openly discuss and implement my suggestions.

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