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My EC Story
Cog Manoj
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Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya

Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya Guddu Bhaiya

How does it feel being a long-standing legend at EC?

It's pretty surreal being seen as the office legend. It's like levelling up in a video game but in real life! Knowing that my work has left a lasting mark and that my colleagues look up to me is such a boost. And yeah, with experience comes more responsibility, just like being part of the OG crew in a family, making sure everything runs smoothly. Feels like I've become the "Sarpanch" of the office village, with all the village duties on my shoulders!

Tell us about your journey, how you started, and where you are today?

I didn't begin my career as a UI Developer. Initially, I worked as a paper distributor for Times of India, then transitioned to serving in the Navy as a sailor before finding my way to EC. However, destiny had its own plans in store for me, leading me to join EC as a UI Designer. With dedication and support from mentors and colleagues, I steadily progressed. Starting with just myself, I now lead a team of over 12 people. It's an incredible feeling to see how far I've come.

Are you still riding high on job satisfaction, or has it all become a bit too routine?

I'm really lucky—I still get a kick out of my job. Even with the usual stuff, I'm always on the lookout for something new to tackle. I'm all about learning and growing, finding different ways to pitch in. At the end of the day, knowing I've made a difference? That's what keeps me going strong.

Any project or client that holds a special place in your heart?

Over the past 12 years, we've created countless campaigns for various clients, but a select few hold a special place in my heart. The MRF Rainy Day campaign tops that list - hitting the road, tracking weather patterns from south to north, capturing moments, and keeping everyone engaged was an unforgettable experience.

And then there's our work with Ambuja Cements, where we've delved into innovative digital transformation solutions. Burning the midnight oil for these projects was a given, but the bonds we formed and the fun we had made it all worthwhile.

What's the one thing you absolutely love about being part of EC?

Being in EC is like being on a fun journey! Every day, there's something new to explore, whether it's tackling cool projects, learning new stuff, or just hanging out with awesome colleagues. It's like a never-ending adventure of growth and excitement.

Basically roz ek nayi bhasad hai

and that's why I love my job!

Can you share a memory that always brings a smile to your face?

Many memories brought a smile, but there's one that still brings a lump to my throat—losing in the finals at ECPL 2024. Man, that one hits hard. We were riding high as the frontrunners, the team everyone had their eyes on, but when it came down to the wire, we stumbled. We were so close to victory; we could practically taste the trophy, but...

The whole team just couldn't find their rhythm that day, and it's like that memory is stuck on repeat.

'Ye dukh kaahe khatam nahi hota bey...'

Sure, people say we were champs in spirit and gave it our all, but that pain? It's still raw. But you know what? I'm itching for redemption at the next ECPL. Can't wait to show everyone what we're made of.

What's the wildest EC bash you've been part of?

Igatpuri Outbound was the wildest of all, no doubt! People were sloshed and passed out like crazy. But hey, what happens in Igatpuri, stays in Igatpuri. I've got the pics to prove it, but shh... they're strictly for our eyes only.

Who is your Favourite person in EC? And Not so favourite.

My top picks in the office are Yatin and Andrew (Boss ka naam toh lena padega bhai).

As for someone who isn't at the top of my list, I make an effort to keep things positive with everyone. I focus on the good things about them, even if we don't always agree.

Anything you'd tweak or change about EC if you had the chance?

If I had the chance, I might tweak the office layout or environment to promote more collaboration and creativity.

This could involve rearranging workspaces to encourage interaction, adding more comfortable and informal meeting areas, or even introducing some live plants to inspire fresh thinking.

Got any bright ideas for EC Management?

EC is already making significant strides in fostering a positive culture:

  • Promoting health and wellness
  • Encouraging skill development through Udemy and LinkedIn
  • Recognizing and rewarding achievement

With these initiatives in place, we're on the right track. The management is aware of areas where we can add further value. Let's keep up the good work and continue to build on our successes at EC!

When deadlines loom large, what's your go-to excuse (or strategy)?

When deadlines approach, I focus on the must-dos first. Break it down, set doable goals, and if I hit a snag, I'm open and ready to collaborate. No beating around the bush—just nailing those deadlines!

What's one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

You could describe my hidden talent as my natural ability to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease when they're around me. I create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages people to open up and connect with me easily.

When you're not conquering the UI Manager world, what would you do?

Perhaps in the Navy, as I'm always eager to embrace new challenges or contribute to social causes.

What's the one thing you can't go a day without?

I can't start my day without that refreshing glass of water and the soothing sound of my mom's voice saying ‘Naha Kar So ja’ (thanks to Mumbai's water challenges).

Any exciting future plans?

I've got this idea to start a business helping out folks in need with some financial support. It's just in my head for now, but someday, I'm gonna make it happen.

Who's been the star guiding your EC journey?

The first person I would like to call out is Yatin. He's not just my mentor; he's my go-to guy for everything. We're tight, you know? I spill all my thoughts to him.

And then there's Andrew. He's my buddy. Good times, bad times—he's always got my back. And there’s other office pals - Virindersingh, Monil, Suyog, Akash, Uday, Prashant, Dipak, Ashlesh, Swapnil, Aniket, Yogesh, Shaswata, Jesin they're the best. Each one has dropped some serious wisdom and helped me when I needed it, knowingly or unknowingly, contributing to my growth both personally and professionally.

Words of wisdom for the fresh faces joining the EC squad?

Keep curiosity alive! Each day is a chance to learn, whether about your role, industry, or yourself. Build strong bonds with colleagues for teamwork and success. Seize initiative—propose solutions, and share ideas. Work hard, play hard—enjoy the journey, celebrate every win!

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