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My EC Story

Over 12 years with EC. How do you feel?

Wow, can't believe it's been over 12 years with EC! It's like I've got another family there, not just a workplace. EC isn't just some company I work for, it's like my company. Lots of learning, lots of memories, and definitely no regrets. Here's to more years with the EC fam! Champagne Glass

Black Cur

Were you always into Production?

I actually started as an intern on the admin and finance team for about two years. Then, I made the switch to production.

Turns out, production is where my heart is. I just love it. Even my supervisor noticed that I'm good with people and have a knack for playing with numbers, budgeting, and managing costs. It's been a great fit, and I'm excited to keep making a difference in this role.

What is something people don’t know about you?

One thing many people don't know about me is that I haven't learned how to drive a four-wheeler yet!


Do you prefer staying up late or waking up early in the morning?

I'm all about staying up late and getting things done! There's something awesome about knocking out tasks and hitting the pillow with that sweet feeling of accomplishment. No unfinished business for me to tackle the next day – just pure, peaceful sleep!

Chain ki neend badi zaruri hai!Sleep Emoji

Right Cur

Who is your Role Model?

Sandip Maiti, the former CEO of Experience Commerce, is like the ultimate role model. Being in his surroundings, you can instantly feel his strong leadership and forward- thinking attitude. You don't need a lot of words – his whole energy speaks for itself. Just being around him, you'll totally understand his vibe without a doubt.

what do you do in your free time?

When I'm not grinding at the office, you'll catch me glued to some cricket action or breezing through bike rides. I'm all about those spontaneous hangouts with friends, whether it's sipping chai or embarking on an unplanned adventure. Life's too short for anything but good vibes and impromptu fun!

Smaile emoji

Babumoshay, Zindagi badi honi chahiye, Lambi nahi!

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What Does

I get ticked off by unrealistic demands, and it really gets under their skin when people forget we're not machines, but actual humans. So, if you want to keep things cool, just remember you're talking to a person, not a robot. Easy peasy!

What Does

When it comes to cooling down, nothing beats having quality conversations with my favorite people. It's like a refreshing breeze for the soul.

Blue Cur

Your most favourite project ?

The Pepsi Babar Azam ad for #whynotmerijaan campaign – that's the one that gives me all the feels!

First time working with a global celeb – Babar Azam – and it was a total blast. No fancypants attitude, just cool vibes and crazy professionalism. And guess what? I'm a total cricket nut, so you can imagine my excitement!

Babar Azam, not only kills it on the field but also on set. The guy's a legend, and working with him was like hitting a sixer. Seriously, that project was a slam dunk where cricket met awesomeness, and I was loving every bit of it!

Babar Azam
Blue Arrow

Your Favourite Memory at EC?

Oh, you won't believe the amount of unforgettable stuff that's etched in my memory! But if we're talking work vibes, the grand kickoff of EC Studios takes the cake, no doubt. I mean, this is the gamechanger I've been cooking up forever. Now, being the Studio Manager there is like having my own little baby to raise and nurture with all that love and crazy passion. It's like, "Hey world, check out what we're bringing to the table! So yeah, you could say I'm absolutely psyched about it!


If not Producer, what else

Maybe a Hotelier or Civil engineer

Favourite Colour?


something you can’t survive without?

Phone & Friends

Favourite Food?

The South Indian Thali from Udupi Ramakrishna in Matunga. It's my ultimate favourite!


What is working like with EC?

Down Zig

Here's the deal, we're all about the fun and excitement of an agency, but behind the scenes, we sometimes dip into corporate waters. Running a video production business adds its own flavour – it doesn't always groove with standard processes.

Now, I get it. As we spread our wings in this business game, we gotta appreciate the value of discipline and paperwork. But hey, exceptions can be on the table too Wink Just throwing it out there...

Black Cur

Who is your Go-To person in EC?

There are many actually ...

Sagar, Andrew, Ashlesh, Yatin, Suyog, Manoj

What are you most proud of?

I'm really proud of my unwavering team - they've always stood by me with a "never say no" attitude. I am also proud of where I am today, professionally. Let's just say it's a fantastic mix of hard work and good times!

Do you remember the first person who helped you in EC?

Oh, for sure! I won't forget Amit Deshpande, the tech VP who bailed me out. My first email got lost in the wrong inbox, but Amit rode in, sorted it out, and gave me the 411. Super grateful!

Plans Ahead?

The new studio is on the way, and that makes my job even more important. I'm excited and looking forward to contributing to EC's future.

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