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Unified digital platform for building a direct communication channel with the mechanics while digitising and tracking channel activities.

  • Channel Management
  • Influencer Management
  • Program Management

Castrol wanted to connect directly with its advocates (mechanics) which would enable them to tap into their full potential. Building a network of advocates, Castrol wanted to positively impact sales & build a community of loyalists.

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The ask was to establish a strong relationship with Castrol’s key influencers and build salience towards the brand to build a community of loyalists.


Only a total of 20% of the advocates had access to smartphones and reaching out to the other 80% was a tough ask to say the least.

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Field Marketing Representatives (FMRs) in the Castrol sales ecosystem have an inherent responsibility of developing & maintaining cordial relations with the mechanics along with executing trade marketing initiatives. We aimed to empower the FMRs by digitizing the mechanic universe, structuring data collection, and programming activation systems to provide better understanding among all personnels of the distribution system. The above mechanism had to ensure mechanic engagement & crisp flow of data that would build a strong salience towards the brand.

To achieve the above, we designed a unified digital platform for seamless flow of information that helped incentivize the mechanics based on their performance while helping Castrol achieve its objective.

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This earned us a database of more than 1.6 lakhs over a period of 8-10 months, organic engagement with 50k mechanics in the first 3 months & an enhanced view of garage-level market potential to drive regional acquisition/retention strategies.

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