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We design intelligent businesses that connect humanly with the world.

It's our very own renaissance.

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Our innovative wired approach makes it happen.

By stringing together creative assets with communities and commerce platforms, our solutions provide a smooth flow of demand signals.

Like magic but
without the tricks.

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It happens through our Digital Business Stack

Each layer brings few key elements for creating a digital business blueprint. We select them based on your business objective and state of digital maturity.

It's like the old adage—knowing that the tomato is a fruit but not putting it in a fruit salad.



Digital assets Things on internet Consumer profiles Listening

The marketing technology layer hosts dispersed web-sites, mobile apps and things on the internet, wired up using our proprietary ION (intelligent objects network). All assets are powered for harvesting 1st party data and management of consumer profiles using deep listening technology.



Branded content Influencer content Story telling Channel programs

The content layer is populated with brand generated and influencer generated content, high & low brow in taste to address the stumbler and seeker modes of a fluid online audience. Channel Content is produced specifically for intermediaries.



Advertising media Spreadable Media Search

The media layer consists of paid, earned and owned media across platforms and channels. Advertising Content, Branded Content & Story Telling, in different formats (video/ audio/ static/ experiences) move seamlessly cross platforms and measured for effectiveness, basis the targeted outcomes.



Campaigns Store front experience Influencers Service

The experience layer provides the first touch-point of contact (and return loops) for a consumer interested in a brand. All campaigns, store-fronts, influencer programs and branded services, puts 'experience' and 'human interaction' at the core of intelligent business design.




The analytics layer (depicted vertically) is an always-on system that connects across diverse brand assets, content & media elements and experience touch-points to generate near real-time 'signals' that aid decison making. It also provide a customisable dash-board of KPI widgets for different stakeholders.


India's largest tyre manufacturer MRF is wiring up their commerce touch points (online store and physical service storefronts) with campaign and community assets to understand customer journeys on digital.

digital asset

Oh, and it works.

We'd tell you about it, but we'd rather let our work speak for us. It's the proverbial pudding with a side of proof. The proverbial detail with the devil in it. You get the drift right?

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