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Our Media philosophy works on two core pillars: effectiveness & efficiency. These help us devise the core of every media approach we make.

Programmatic Buying

By automating & optimizing buying and placement, we reach out to the TG through DSP, DMP & SSP networks

E-com Media

We design performance media for converting customers at the bottom of the funnel with specialized knowledge of e-com platforms & service

Media Planning

With effectiveness as the primary lever, we map the TG’s footprint in digital media & create optimized plans to reach them

Marketing Solutions

The programs we design are niche in nature for businesses who want to be the frontrunners in a digital world.

Digital Listening & Insights

By culling out customer reviews, opinions & sentiments about brands & products via deep listening, we recommend relevant action plan

E-tail Optimization

 We develop content & formats suitable for the highly competitive environment of e-com to tip consumer towards a purchase

Customer Data Management

We design data capturing approaches & data structures to leverage personalized marketing & business intelligence


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