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Job Description for Senior Copywriter

  • Experience Required: 2+ Years
  • Job Location: Mumbai
Role & Responsibilities:
  • You were born to write for advertising. You think laterally enough to turn a boring piece of writing into the most insightful copy.
  • The medium or format does not matter as long as you get to tell compelling stories on behalf of your brands.
  • Being digitally savvy yourself, you are easily able to conceptualize digital campaigns and social media posts that have award-winning potential.
  • You consider social media your playground as you scribble stories in 140 characters and make Facebook posts so funny, they have no choice but to go viral.
Our Expectations
  • At least 2 years of experience in a digital firm.
  • Impeccable English with a young, peppy & insightful style of writing that works across mediums.
  • Interest in social media and active on at least one of these platforms apart from FB and Twitter – Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram or blogging.
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