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Digital Business

The programs we build help our clients tackle the most vexing channels, sales and marketing operation issues. Our innovative mobile-first applications and digital platform solutions are built  for scale and concurrency and bolt on to legacy systems. This enables quick & easy adoption by businesses to make for a compelling transformation story

But what makes our solutions so different? For starters, our solutions are lean & intelligent, prototyped for adoption, and most importantly built for growth. That’s how we serve our piece of the Digital Business pie. And over the last few years, global brands such as Castrol, Lafarge Holcim, Lenovo, and MRF have thoroughly relished it.

Have a look at our programs below.

Brand Communication

Insightful creative thinking meets intelligent design. Our unique omni-channel approach to brand thinking is rather unparalleled and helps your business create a unique identity online and propel it up the digital maturity curve.

Furthermore, we optimize the Customer Experience in E-tail and retail spaces while closing the loop on advocacy via niche communities.

And our work over the last few years is proof of our ability to partner with them up the path of digital business maturity.

Media & Marketing

Media and Marketing Solutions that we offer are specialized in nature that reflect directly on your bottom lines and push your brand to an advanced state of digital maturity.

What are these solutions exactly? Glad you asked. We essentially bring high-value enterprise B2B solutions, tailored for a digital world such as account-based marketing and sales navigator programs. On the consumer business, we run CX audits and optimization programs within e-tail environments, design interventions and follow through with data-driven marketing. 

These are but a few examples of how we help leading brands stay at the competitive edge for the future.

EC Studios

EC Studios empowers brands to accomplish more through creativity, production & new-age content for their present & future communication goals. It is a platform, medium & agency agnostic powerhouse for Brands, Content creators, Broadcasters, and OTT players. It provides end-to-end production, post-production, and new-age content for the virtual world & web 3.0.