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Castrol Connekt

A proven tool for businesses looking to strike at their target base which is walled behind service providers or intermediaries


Establishing a strong relationship with the mechanic community to nurture and enhance advocacy for a globally renowned lubricant brand


Reaching out with a tech-based tool to a community which is mostly technologically challenged. However, for its proven expertise, dispenses suggestions which are accepted as the last word when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

Target Audience: Automobile mechanics and field-related influencers



Key Features
  • A digital platform which assists in targeting a community and increases brand advocacy while incentivizing field workers
  • Enables the brand to connect directly with its advocates
  • The network of advocates contributed to rise in sales and inflated the brand-loyal community
  • The platform digitized and engaged the mechanic community and opened a new portal for program activation systems
  • Empowers Field Marketing Representatives (FMRs)
  • Transformed data collection and led to all cogs in the distribution system working in sync
  • Helped build a database of more than 160,000 brand advocates over a period of just 10 months!
  • Activated garage-level market potential to drive regional acquisition and retention strategies
  • The platform is capable of handling 30K+ unique engagements in a month
  • Compatible with 3rd party platform – (Coupon Scanning platform-Fastscan)
  • Offline Sync option for areas with poor network
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS Devices
Key Success Factors
  • Target-based activity tracking of Marketing Executives
  • The app enabled one-to-one and one-to-many engagement activities between the brand, its advocates and field representatives
  • Activities can be in the form of Videos, photos, quiz, poll quiz, etc
  • An active helpline supports the app to resolve related issues
  • A dynamic tool which captures data in real time and also provides an offline sync functionality
  • Fastscan-verified functionality for precise distribution of incentives
  • Enables stakeholders to monitor sales performance any time
Key Achievements
  • Enabled result-focused brand advocacy throughout the targeted region
  • More than 5 lakh registered advocates on the platform which led to a verified hike in sales
  • Dashboard and reports provide real time data, which helps in keeping track of performance


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