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A first-of-its-kind graphic novel that changed the game for Lenovo Legion’s social media channels.


Launch Legion – Lenovo’s premium range of gaming laptops on Instagram and Facebook with a strategy that catches eyeballs and wins the respect of the budding but powerful gaming community in India.


Conversations in the gaming community throughout the globe frequently intersect with discussions of pop culture, fantasy fiction and technology. Hence, the overflowing wave of superhero driven stories in culture is a common area of interest among a majority of gamers in India as well. 

Stylish on the outside, savage on the inside, Lenovo Legion’s core messaging TVC featured 3 unique and eye-catching gaming characters. Lenovo’s copyright intellectual property, these special characters had become the brand identity for Legion. 

So building on this enormous interest that our audience already had in superhero origin stories, we decided why not let them give our 3 heroes one?

Meet Lichen, Bounty Hunter, Orc. 

Meet #LegionOrigins

#LegionOrigins – Lichen

We decided to start with the only female superhero of our trio – Lichen. After releasing a prologue and the beginning few pages of her comic-book, we unleashed her on our social media platforms, free for our gamers to develop and contribute to. 

Each chapter of her story ended with a question or choice leveraging the AMA and poll features on Instagram and FB stories. And our gamers had the power to decide everything: What her abilities would be, what choices she would make and how she would fulfill her journey. Suggestions that we used to create the comic book and release it the next day in real-time.


And suggest they did.

Day after day, our comments and DMs flooded with fan-theories, narrative choices and plot points describing Lichen’s story and taking forward her comic book. Gamers couldn’t get enough and steered further with our interactions and conversations, they reached out on our page day and night to bring Lichen’s graphic novel to life.

Within 10 days of the campaign, we received (need these numbers for Legion)

Proving when it comes to engaging gamers, we don’t just play, we slay!



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