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Innovative Digital Campaign for Skybags, featuring its airline-compliant range – targeting Gen-Z and Millennials.


Skybags, India’s trusted luggage brand, aimed to establish itself as the preferred travel gear brand for young Indians, specifically targeting Gen Z and Millennials (aged 18 to 35). The primary objectives were to increase brand affinity among this demographic, particularly those with a penchant for colourful and trendy luggage, recruit first-time buyers, and capture market share from competitors.

Target Audience

Gen Z, Millennials

Understanding the Target Audience

The campaign began by conducting in-depth research on the preferences and needs of the Gen Z and millennial demographic. It was clear that this audience valued style, trendy products, and luggage that was not oversized.

Creative Concept

Experience Commerce and EC Studios devised a creative concept that would resonate with Gen Z. We decided to create a digital ad film accompanied by a catchy musical jingle. The protagonist in the ad represented a Gen-Z individual known for embracing oversized fashion but opting for Skybags’ airline-compliant luggage when it came to travel.

End-to-End Execution

The agencies crafted the campaign end-to-end, managing everything from concept development, scripting, production, graphics, music composition, and post-production. This ensured a cohesive and high-quality campaign.


This digital ad film, featuring the Gen-Z protagonist, was shot and produced with meticulous attention to detail. The script emphasized the protagonist’s preference for oversized fashion, highlighting the contrast with her practical choice of Skybags’ airline-compliant luggage which is trendy, stylish, colourful and not oversized. The catchy musical jingle added an extra layer of engagement to the campaign.


By understanding the unique preferences and needs of Gen Z and millennials, and by creating engaging content that resonated with them, we successfully positioned Skybags as the go-to travel companion for this demographic. The campaign’s success is evident through its high viewership, with over 1.1 million views on Instagram, positive audience feedback, increased brand affinity, and market share growth. This highlights the potency of a creative, data-driven approach to achieving marketing goals.

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