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VIP Maestro AI Campaign

World Tourism Day with VIP Bags – Luggage Industry’s First Consumer-Led AI Campaign


Elevating the VIP Maestro brand as the epitome of strength and the ideal travel companion to explore the most extreme destinations, the objective was to launch a pioneering AI-driven campaign, placing the consumers in the driver’s seat with “Where’s Next?” as the central theme.


In a landscape saturated with AI content, our strategy focused on prioritizing the consumer, weaving real-time input into the narrative. Rather than relying on standard templates, we aimed to craft an engaging journey through AI-generated imagery, allowing users to dictate the next extreme destination for VIP Maestro.

Creative Concept

Introducing VIP Maestro as the indomitable explorer, the campaign utilized AI to transport the luggage to the world’s most extreme locations, with consumers steering the adventure through their votes.


Initiating with an AI-crafted image of VIP Maestro at Mt. Everest, the narrative unfolded via Instagram stories and polls. Followers were empowered to decide the next destination through interactive polls, shaping VIP Maestro’s AI-guided ventures. The campaign spanned iconic locations like the Mariana Trench and Death Valley, concluding with a surprise AI-generated image of VIP Maestro at Jurassic Park, complete with an explorer’s hat and a vigilant T-Rex.


The campaign delivered outstanding results, accumulating 22K impressions and organically reaching 13,258 consumers. Within a brief 10-hour span, 12,540 engagements were recorded, boasting a remarkable 57% organic engagement rate. VIP Bags etched its name in history as the first luggage brand to execute a user-led, real-time AI activation, establishing itself as a trailblazer in the industry.


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