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EC’s own content production arm; CYLNDR provides end-to-end production, post-production, and new-age content for the virtual world & web 3.0, while empowering brands to accomplish more through creative and in-vogue content which aligns with their present & future communication goals. Brand

Magic happens when commercially tied creativity delivers a brand-tied experience that’s memorable, and more importantly, stellar ROI for the brand. Our approach towards that magic of content and creatives begins with clear communication objectives. Armed with a team of copywriters,

Our Media philosophy works on two core pillars - effectiveness & efficiency. These help us devise the core of every media approach we make. Our Performance-driven digital media and marketing programmes aim to give ROI and generate results which are aligned with

For a strategy to turn into a coherent action plan, identifying critical brand challenges & opportunities are key. It’s only when we get this right, do we come out with an integrated marketing solution. Our strategists diagnose business & marketing challenges to provide

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