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Cheil’s Experience Commerce Bags World Cup Media Mandate for MRF on Hotstar

This World Cup holds added significance as it is being hosted in India, attracting the interest of numerous Indian brands eager to associate themselves with it. MRF, in collaboration with Experience Commerce, successfully secured a partnership with Hotstar.

Mumbai, 10th October, 2023; Experience Commerce, a leading digital marketing agency and part of the Cheil Digital Network, is proud to announce its latest win in securing the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Media mandate for MRF Tyres on Hotstar. As part of the deal, Experience Commerce (EC) will provide its creative and media services to MRF. This collaboration comes as MRF continues its commitment to innovation, quality, and its ongoing #MRFSuperFan campaign. MRF will continue with their ongoing campaign #MRFSuperFan for this World Cup between 5th October to 19th November 2023.


MRF, founded in 1946 in Chennai, India, has grown into a global leader in the tyre industry, synonymous with superior performance and durability. While MRF has traditionally been the top-of-mind choice for tyre purchases among Indian consumers, the challenge lay in making the brand more relevant to the new generation of consumers and creating awareness about the benefits and features of their tyres.

The primary objective of this campaign is to engage consumers on a mass scale, encouraging them to think beyond the MRF brand name and focus on the Reasons to Buy (RTBs) associated with MRF tyres. Experience Commerce is managing an interactive contest using social media platforms and World Cup sponsorship to amplify the message. They will also provide creative expertise throughout the campaign.

Cricket is often referred to as a religion in India, and this World Cup holds added significance as it is being hosted in India, attracting the interest of numerous Indian brands eager to associate themselves with it. MRF, in collaboration with EC, successfully secured a partnership with Hotstar.

During the World Cup, MRF aims to achieve exceptional brand recall within the cricket community on Hotstar, featuring prime advertising slots, mid, pre, and post-roll ads, and a 40-second promotional spot. This campaign bridges traditional TV and digital by integrating TV with an interactive digital activation, with Virat Kohli as the MRF brand ambassador and Hotstar as the broadcast partner.

With this ongoing campaign, Customers are already sharing heart-warming stories about how MRF tyres have improved their driving and riding experiences, which will be leveraged during the World Cup.

Team MRF has expressed their excitement about collaborating with Experience Commerce. They stated, “This partnership signifies a significant milestone in our journey to engage with a new generation of consumers and highlight the outstanding features of MRF tyres. Experience Commerce’s innovative approach and digital marketing expertise are perfectly aligned with our objectives. Together, we aspire to create a lasting impact and elevate the MRF brand to new heights during this World Cup.”

Umesh Bopche, CEO of Experience Commerce, stated, “I have a profound love for cricket, and this being the biggest cricketing tournament (the World Cup), makes this deal exceptionally significant to me. We are ecstatic to announce our resounding triumph in securing prime advertising real estate on Hotstar for MRF Tyres during the highly anticipated World Cup 2023. Our vision is to achieve unparalleled brand recall and reach new heights with our strategically placed ads. Watching MRF ads during the matches will undoubtedly evoke that familiar feeling of trust, legacy, and dependability. MRF has entrusted us with their vision, and we are committed to elevating the MRF brand to iconic status, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of millions of viewers worldwide.”

As MRF continues to drive innovation and quality in the tyre industry, this partnership with Experience Commerce promises to bring the brand closer to consumers, creating lasting impressions and reinforcing its legacy of excellence.

About MRF

MRF, short for Madras Rubber Factory, stands as an iconic brand in the world of tyres and rubber products. Founded in 1946 in Chennai, India, it has grown to become a global leader in the tyre industry. MRF’s commitment to innovation and quality has earned it a sterling reputation, both domestically and internationally. The brand is synonymous with superior performance and durability, making it a preferred choice for car owners, motorsport enthusiasts, and industrial sectors alike. MRF’s extensive range of tyres caters to diverse needs, from high-performance sports cars to heavy-duty trucks. Its enduring legacy of excellence continues to drive success and trust among consumers worldwide.

About Experience Commerce

Experience Commerce (EC); a Cheil company is a full-service digital-native agency that combines content, technology, and strategy to drive up commerce for brands. With a techno-creative DNA, Experience Commerce specializes in creating intelligent, creative, and interactive digital assets that help drive revenue for Fortune 500 companies.

EC has been a part of the Cheil Worldwide group since 2019, powering the network’s digital capabilities with cutting-edge technological prowess and setting new benchmarks in digital business. EC has its own content production arm – EC Studios, which is a platform, medium, and agency agnostic powerhouse for Brands, Content creators, and advertisers. It provides end-to-end production, post-production, and new-age content for the virtual world & web 3.0, while empowering brands to accomplish more through creative and in vogue content which aligns with their present and future communication goals.

Experience Commerce: Crafting experiences that bring you commerce!

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